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About Us

We dig deep to understand what the space means to you, what purpose it should serve,how it should make you feel, what you want it to say.

Our Services

Pencil & Monk specializes in customising personal spaces through a combination of design science and client collaboration.

Pencil And Monk

Custom Design

Every aspect of your space is custom designed and planned down to the final detail including finishes, fixtures, fittings, furniture layout, lighting, colour palettes and more.

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Pencil And Monk

Design & Build

We work with the best teams to execute design-ready plans including and not limited to budget planning, material selection, lighting and acoustics design, delivery and installation management, and beyond.

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Pencil And Monk

Art & Collectibles

We invest the time to explore art, collectables and installations that fit your space and reflect your personality.

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Make a connection

Schedule a no-obligation consultation at the Pencil & Monk design studio.


Design Journey

A critical Pencil & Monk collaborative design process that captures your needs, perceptions, and attitude.


Explore Design Detailing

Review architectural plans, understand design renderings and re-examine all choices of textures, finishes, materials, hardware, etc., down to the last detail.


Experience Design Delivered

We take care of ecosystem orchestration to mobilise the right resources that give shape to the design.

Art & collectibles

curated art
limited edition
collectibles and

We invest the time to explore art, collectibles and installations that fit your space and reflect your personality.

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