Amara Avana


Amara Avana

Project Description

5000 sq.ft, Luxury Apartment
Nugambakkam, Chennai

The contemporary-styled apartment has touches of tradition and ethnicity laced into the spacious layout. The foyer was opened out to allow light into the previously dark, narrow space. As you enter the house, you can see the unfolding backlit wall on your left, which houses locally-sourced treasures like traditional doors, windows, and balusters. The open floor plan makes every space interactive and offers free-flowing circulation throughout.

The wardrobes were 10 ft high, far too tall for the standard laminate size, so we played with the visual lines to create seamless patterns. A cement wall for storing spices was built, but with a surprise twist - it had a magnetic wall where floating spice jars offered both a visual treat and easy accessibility.

A minimal puja room design adds the finishing touches, with a stretched ceiling and diffused light. Every subtle change made the room a more cohesive, warm and defined space. Overall the perfect design style and aesthetics created a pleasant and welcoming home, just what the client had in mind.

"Fabulous 3D designs were executed true-to-life."

"The transformation from 3D design to final execution just as in the plan created a huge impact. The fact that the project was completed in time and within the budget was highly appreciated."

"The execution was absolutely true-to-design. They delivered a completely livened space that re-energised our library!"

"The inlay work on the marble floor created an impact beyond our expectations."