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that you can
make your
very own.

Through a combination of design and science, we blend colours, shapes, materials, textures, lighting and layouts to create a vision of a space and then carefully fine-tune it till it truly is a reflection of you.

pencil & monk since 2000


Our journey began in 2007 when Mitrra Media, a design studio was established. We began with packaging and communication design and went on to work on print, fabrication, audio visual projects and even animation shorts for a wide range of leading brands and their advertising agencies.

One opportunity led to the next and we found ourselves designing print collaterals, in-theatre statics and on-site thematic promotions for Tamil feature films. In a short span, we can proudly say that we revolutionized the look and feel of Tamil feature film publicity, even venturing into the field of film direction, which turned out to be a tremendous learning experience.

siddarth chandrasekar


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In 2014, Pencil & Monk was established as a personal space design studio and our very first challenge was to design a first-of-its-kind, 20,000 sq. ft. financial technology design centre. From that point on there was no looking back. Armed with a devotion to design, strong domain expertise, dedication to our craft and the discipline to consistently deliver on time, our young team is committed to creating exciting design solutions.

At Pencil & Monk, we pour our passion and energy into every project, making them bold, innovative and completely customised from start to finish.

experience center

85,G N Chetty Road,T.Nagar,

Pencil & Monk
Experience Centre

The Pencil & Monk Experience Centre is where design dreams come true. We take you through the process, room by room, finalizing all the materials, finishes and fixtures and discuss every small detail until you are satisfied with your choices. There is no ambiguity or guesswork involved. In the Experience Centre, design, science, art and aesthetics come together, giving you an absolutely unique, true-to-design space.

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Monk Experiences


We believe that space design is a deeply personal journey and our fully inclusive, collaborative process – MX, ensures that every aspect of your space is a reflection of you. Our team has the skills, expertise and experience to bring bold, innovative visions to life, executed true-to-design, down to the last detail.

Our Process

  • 01

    Make a

    Step 01

    Schedule a no-obligation consultation at the Pencil & Monk Design Studio. Discuss your project, explore possibilities, participate in Design Probes and decide if you’re ready to engage with us on your project.

  • 02

    Embark on a
    Design Journey

    Step 1

    Participate in MX, a critical Pencil & Monk collaborative design process that captures your needs, perceptions and attitudes and maps the entire project journey – from conception to completion.

  • MX

    Your need extracted,
    understood & interpreted
    in design

    Step 03

    Schedule a no-obligation consultation at the Pencil & Monk Design Studio. Discuss your project, explore possibilities, participate in Design Probes and decide if you’re ready to engage with us on your project.

  • 03

    Explore Design

    Step 04

    Review your architectural plans and understand design renderings. Examine textures & finishes, materials, door & window specs, hardware, fixtures, lighting choices, etc. For us, as for you, every detail is important.

  • 04

    Experience Design

    Step 05

    The plans derived from the MX process are build-ready in every aspect. We then give them shape by mobilising the right resources and orchestrating the entire process until the completed project is ready for you. You can then choose between design, design and build or the curation of art & collectables.


Our Partners


Our biggest investment is our people – people who share our vision and our passion, with the right mix of skills and talent, who ensure that every project is executed flawlessly. Our work culture is brimming with excitement, creativity and curiosity. We are a young team, hungry and eager, devoted to design, with deep domain expertise and the discipline to consistently deliver on time.

Ajis Khan

Design & Project Coordinator

The Middle Man

Coordinates everything from drawings to execution. An ardent Shah Rukh Khan fan who loves to live life the ‘Kal ho na ho’ way.

Arul Kumar

Texture Artist



Abhirami Vaithiyanathan



A proud plant mom and a hoarder of all things tiny and cute. Colors excite me and I love designing things that provide diverse experiences.


Senior 3D Visualizer

'One woman army'

A fashion designer turned visualizer. Playing with colors in fashion and designing spaces is my cup of tea.


Graphic Designer

The night owl

Our in-house graphic designer who burns the midnight oil. From invitations to posters, books and websites - he thrives on crafting visually stunning creations.

Sathish Kumar

Graphic Designer & Admin


Pencil & Monk is my second-home for the last 20 years. Work is play when you love what you do & I like to play with Photoshop and Corel Draw.


Senior 3D Visualizer

'Tough yet soft'

Love my things black and grey. Be it my gadgets or my watches! A proud North-Madraskaaran & A pro visualizer whose heart melts for miniature houses and set designs.


Site Engineer

'King of Wit and humour'

Our Site supervisor who adds a spark of humour and entertainment to the job while staying dedicated to ensuring everything runs smoothly on-site.


Site Engineer




3D Modeller

'Angry bird '

My autobiography will be called - A work in progress! A texture artist in the making. Surprising people with hot cups of coffee is my simple pleasure.

Dinesh Rahul




Lakshmi Srilekha


'Food zombie'

Love my coffee over everything. Rasam and pickle can save my day. Hate Math. But I handle project costing and budgets like a pro!



'Born to create'

I admire art and that’s how I express myself. In pursuit of creating my own design philosophy. Architecture fulfils me and I love designing spaces.

Pancha Rai

Executive Assistant

'Punch in everything!'

Whether you need to sort something or need some stationery, I’ll be there for you! Btw, I might’ve misplaced that stationery in the first place.


Senior 3D Modeller

'Early-bird and foodie'

Allergic to schools. Practical over theory. A 3D modeller who can model anything and everything that you need.


Senior Site Engineer

'Mr. Mission Impossible'

3D visualizer to a Project Management Consultant has been my growth. A manager who knows to get things done with a simple smile!

Ravi Kumar

Senior Architect

'Calm in the chaos'

Can lose myself in the nothing box for hours. A man of many shades, I am a part of everything from architecture design to project coordination!


Site Engineer

Aji Gowtham

3D Visualizer

'In-house entertainer'

Our stress buster in office. You will often find him making others laugh with his instant jokes. As good as he is with entertaining people, he is as good at making our clients visualise their space in 3D.

Maajith Mohamed

3D Visualiser

'Our 'Pun-tastic' modeller'

A Self-taught 3D modeller and visualizer with a passion for interiors, always eager to learn and create. Full-time entertainer, always armed with puns to brighten everyone's day!

Siddharth Chandrashekar

Creative Head

'Boss man'

Call me Sid. A curator who loves everything that’s design. Creation and design for human experiences is my passion.







Ludo Queen

Early bird to office. Anu is jovial and loves anything and everything that tastes sweet. She drafts and designs until it's done right. Also, did I mention, she's the reigning Ludo queen.


Executive Assistant



Vinoth Kumar

Executive Assistant



Rinsha V K





Site Engineer







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