The open work culture, flat organisation structure and exciting design prospects make a career at Pencil & Monk highly sought after. Our approach is completely immersive and collaborative where each team member contributes equally, learns and grows at an accelerated pace.

We also provide opportunities to interns, run classes and mentorship programmes at architecture and design schools, thereby creating real-life opportunities for the next generation of industry talent.

Graphic Designer

Do you like bringing your ideas to life through graphic design? Is expressing concepts via aesthetic visual designs your passion?

Level : Intern

Interior Designer

Is learning to design the perfect home, or restaurant or any space, your calling? Does your heart skip a beat every time you see a well designed space and want to figure out how it's done?

Level : Intern


Do you have an eye for getting every little detail perfect? Does learning to structure a space with your CAD drawings fulfill you?

Level : Intern

Our Team


Our biggest investment is our people – people who share our vision and our passion, with the right mix of skills and talent, who ensure that every project is executed flawlessly. Our work culture is brimming with excitement, creativity and curiosity. We are a young team, hungry and eager, devoted to design, with deep domain expertise and the discipline to consistently deliver on time.


Junior Interior Designer

'In-house baker'

I’m an economist and a designer in the making. A budding designer who can be a style guru for mismatched clothing.


Junior Architect

'Born to create'

I admire art and that’s how I express myself. In pursuit of creating my own design philosophy. Architecture fulfils me and I love designing spaces.

Sindhu Annamalai



A shopper, a foodie and a stylist - be it interiors or your clothing! I understand design aesthetics like a true Instagrammer.


Site Engineer

'Hidden photographer'

I like starting my day with a workout and ending it with some hard work. Engineering is my profession and design is my passion.

Abhirami Vaithiyanathan

Interior Designer


A proud plant mom and a hoarder of all things tiny and cute. Colors excite me and I love designing things that provide diverse experiences.


Texture Artist

'Angry bird '

My autobiography will be called - A work in progress! A texture artist in the making. Surprising people with hot cups of coffee is my simple pleasure.


Senior 3D Visualizer

'One woman army'

A fashion designer turned visualizer. Playing with colors in fashion and designing spaces is my cup of tea.

Kalish Nallamuthu

Architectural Draftsman

'Human Shazam'

Small town, big dreams! Dedication defines me and I find inspiration in minimalist design.

Sathish Kumar

Graphic Designer | Admin


Pencil & Monk is my second-home for the last 20 years. Work is play when you love what you do & I like to play with Photoshop and Corel Draw.


Senior 3D Visualizer

'Tough yet soft'

Love my things black and grey. Be it my gadgets or my watches! A pro visualizer whose heart melts for miniature houses and set designs.

Mrinalini Divakar


'Ms. Invisible'

A person of few words with a shrewd sense of humour! If binge-watching was a sport I’d win gold medals. An interior & product design enthusiast.


3D Modeller

'Smart = Siva'

I like getting crafty and doing things DIY style. A CAD designer in the making who believes everything must be done with perfection.


Site Engineer

'Focus on +ves'

An engineer by profession and a true biryani lover! Always ready to learn and accept challenges that come my way. Buildings are my passion.

Lakshmi Srilekha


'Food zombie'

Love my coffee over everything. Rasam and pickle can save my day. Hate Math. But I handle project costing and budgets like a pro!

Pancha Rai

Office Assistant

'Punch in everything!'

Whether you need to sort something or need some stationery, I’ll be there for you! Btw, I might’ve misplaced that stationery in the first place.


3D Modeller

'Early-bird and foodie'

Allergic to schools. Practical over theory. A 3D modeller who can model anything and everything that you need.


Senior Site Engineer

'Mr. Mission Impossible'

3D visualizer to a Project Management Consultant has been my growth. A manager who knows to get things done with a simple smile!

Ravi Kumar

Senior Architect

'Calm in the chaos'

Can lose myself in the nothing box for hours. A man of many shades, I am a part of everything from architecture design to project coordination!


Gallery Assistant

'Can’t be put in a box'

I consume content of diverse mediums & enjoy analyzing them. An independent person who is intuitive and easily adaptable to the circumstances.

Rohan Jain

Content & Social Media Manager

'A story-teller'

A published writer, a social manager and a content creator. Love all things content & keeping up with the latest social trends.

Jameer Basha

Graphic Designer and filmmaker

'The punteresting co-worker'

The in-house photographer and director who is a thalapathy fan. A proud madrasi knows how to deliver punch-liners!

Siddharth Chandrashekar

Creative Head

'Boss man'

Call me Sid. A curator who loves everything that’s design. Creation and design for human experiences is my passion.

Jai Kiran

3D Visualizer

'F.R.I.E.N.D.S enthu!'

Animation & VFX are my world and these translate into tattoos and piercings. A 3D visualizer who has learnt everything on the job.