The open work culture, flat organisation structure and exciting design prospects make a career at Pencil & Monk highly sought after. Our approach is completely immersive and collaborative where each team member contributes equally, learns and grows at an accelerated pace.

We also provide opportunities to interns, run classes and mentorship programmes at architecture and design schools, thereby creating real-life opportunities for the next generation of industry talent.

Graphic Designer

Do you like bringing your ideas to life through graphic design? Is expressing concepts via aesthetic visual designs your passion?

Level : Intern

Interior Designer

Is learning to design the perfect home, or restaurant or any space, your calling? Does your heart skip a beat every time you see a well designed space and want to figure out how it's done?

Level : Intern


Do you have an eye for getting every little detail perfect? Does learning to structure a space with your CAD drawings fulfill you?

Level : Intern

Our Team


Our biggest investment is our people – people who share our vision and our passion, with the right mix of skills and talent, who ensure that every project is executed flawlessly. Our work culture is brimming with excitement, creativity and curiosity. We are a young team, hungry and eager, devoted to design, with deep domain expertise and the discipline to consistently deliver on time.