Olympia Goodwood Residence


Olympia Goodwood Residence

Project Description

Size - 1800 sq ft Traditional Indian house interiors.

This space is completely styled in a Rustic theme matched with leather accents, dark ceilings and Industrial furniture. The look is complemented by textured paint finishes on the wall. A monotone colouring theme was used to achieve this look.

A fluted glass shutter was incorporated, offering the flexibility to transition the kitchen seamlessly between an open and closed layout, providing both convenience and functionality as needed.

"Fabulous 3D designs were executed true-to-life."

"The transformation from 3D design to final execution just as in the plan created a huge impact. The fact that the project was completed in time and within the budget was highly appreciated."

"The execution was absolutely true-to-design. They delivered a completely livened space that re-energised our library!"

"The inlay work on the marble floor created an impact beyond our expectations."