Villa 17


Villa 17

Project Description

3BHK apartment, 1500 sq ft
Egattur, Chennai

The client had had a previous bad experience with an architect who failed to understand them. By using our design brief, we were able to perfectly map out their expectations, style, colour preferences and aesthetic sense which helped us crack the design.

We were able to overcome all the challenges thrown up by the space and the client trusted our judgement a 100%. They felt that the entire process was smooth and not stressful and were thrilled at the way their home turned out.

We were able to wow them by fulfilling their requirements of providing ample storage space within the kitchen and cabinets and creating small modifications like concealed wiring for a large TV that we set up in the centre of the living room in a semi-partition wall.

Design interventions were made by moving the bed to the centre of the master bedroom, thereby freeing up space behind the bed for a massive 10x8 feet wardrobe, and by creating a niche in the headboard panel with concealed electrical points since there were no side tables.

"Fabulous 3D designs were executed true-to-life."

"The transformation from 3D design to final execution just as in the plan created a huge impact. The fact that the project was completed in time and within the budget was highly appreciated."

"The execution was absolutely true-to-design. They delivered a completely livened space that re-energised our library!"

"The inlay work on the marble floor created an impact beyond our expectations."