Nissan Digital


Nissan Digital

Project Description

Office space, 25000 sq. ft.
Trivandrum, Kerala

A bid was submitted for the Nissan Digital office space design in Trivandrum, Kerala. The design requirement was to create a space that showcased the values of a forward thinking company like Nissan that also had an 84-year-old history behind it.

Since this was to be Nissan’s headquarters in India, the office design needed to be on par with international trends with a clean open layout while also establishing Trivandrum as an emerging technological hub in South India.

The design that we submitted reflected the open, creative and collaborative nature of the company’s work culture and was liked by the client. Design interventions were in the reception, where a giant pillar was incorporated seamlessly into the rest of the space using super clear glass, which also made the space look bigger.

The white ceiling was aesthetically designed using the mundu as inspiration, which is the traditional garment worn in Kerala. Greenery was incorporated throughout the design space as well. Other homages to the state were made through Kerala murals painted on the body of a Nissan GT which was used as an installation.

The entire workspace was designed to optimise workflow and boost productivity, by using an open floor design. Eclectic and unusual meeting spaces were proposed like a hammock hub – a large suspended space, the outdoor conversation corner, created by using large concrete pipes and the Nissan Adda, a community space where employees could informally meet and interact in the evenings. Another high point was the installation of the Nissan Micra, created by using hundreds of miniature cars suspended from the ceiling.

"Fabulous 3D designs were executed true-to-life."

"The transformation from 3D design to final execution just as in the plan created a huge impact. The fact that the project was completed in time and within the budget was highly appreciated."

"The execution was absolutely true-to-design. They delivered a completely livened space that re-energised our library!"

"The inlay work on the marble floor created an impact beyond our expectations."