Kal's Office



project description

Marketing office for Kal’s Distilleries
3000 sq. ft.
T. Nagar, Chennai

A quirky marketing office-space design was required to reflect the fun nature of the brand but the catch was the short time frame. We were able to convert the brief into design and execute that in record time. Through design intervention, we created a wider entrance by demolishing a wall and replacing it with glass.

"The client was very happy with our process and appreciated the fact that we stuck to our designs and added value wherever possible. They liked the fact that we had incorporated their brand colours in a subtle way and approved our designs without any iterations in one go."

Multiple layouts were presented to maximise the number of workstations we could fit in the space. We created an owl installation on the curved partition behind the reception table that acted as a visual barrier between the reception and workspace, and created a stunning effect.

"The fact that the design was completed in 15 days and the entire space was ready in 35 days was the highlight of the project."

Brand colours were used in the lighting while quirky quotes and stickers gave the office a youthful, fun vibe. Glass partitions were incorporated in meeting rooms to enhance the large size of the office.

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