iThought's Own Space



project description

7500 sq ft brokerage firm
Teynampet, Chennai

The client was looking to have a showstopper in the reception of the office with strong ties to the industry. So we recreated the iconic bronze Charging Bull sculpture on Wall Street, NYC, for its symbolic power and magnetism.

Just like the stock market played with variables, we applied the science of parametrics to furniture and spatial design, where if certain parameters or variables are altered, it results in vivid interpretations of a concept. This is evident in the parametric reception desk that integrates the bull fluidly, all within the narrow space available.

The solution involved fixing 400 pieces of wood of varying widths from 2 inches to 4 feet, taking the flow and movement within the space into account. The installation took nearly 20 days to assemble into what is now both a functional fixture and a thematic art piece.

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